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Salt is the cure for everything. Sweat, tears, and the sea. ~ CaptainG


Twelve years ago, Genevieve Evans, or CaptainG, had an itch that could not be denied. She set out to explore her curiosity of sailing by jumping on a boat with someone she barely knew and sailing on a 1,500-mile journey through the Bahamas for six months. She leaned a few things about herself on that journey: 1. The typical corporate life was not fulfilling her. 2. There is pure joy in finding purpose. 3. There was no possible way she could go through life without sailing in her future.

CaptainG is originally from Montana. She has been a USCG Captain, ASA Instructor, ASA Instructor Evaluator, and professional sailor for the last ten plus years. CaptainG has raced, taught, and sailed in Montana, the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Martinique, St. Lucia, the Bahamas, and Belize on small and large cruising monohulls and catamarans. 

CaptainG's absolute favorite place to sail is on a new adventure. The very nature of a sailor is about exploring the challenges of the unknown. Owning two sailing schools keeps CaptainG busy. She spends summers managing the school on Flathead Lake — Go Sail Flathead Lake — and winters managing the Virgin Islands school — Go Sail Virgin Islands. She spends her free time exploring new waters.

Teaching sailing became CaptainG's purpose through sailing voyages, when she realized she is the person that walks towards the fire, not away. When the opportunity to lead the life of a sailor, filled with epic adventure, a bit of the unknown, and the ability to teach presented itself, she grabbed the unicorn by its horn and set sail for the horizon. 

Captain G feels that good sailing captains are good leaders. There is communication, understanding, empathy, planning, organizing, listening, and command of the situation. She leads instructor training and makes sure your captain and instructor help you accomplish your goals and have a blast sailing. 

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