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Why are US Flagged vessels not able to go to the BVI?

We support and love the beautiful US Virgin Islands, St Thomas, St John, and St Croix. These are the most amazing beaches in the world with dreamy sailing conditions with the best local bars and restaurants.

Cruz bay St john

Honestly, it is just so frustrating and inconvenient that we cannot take you over to BVI.  As of November 2022, Go Sail Virgin Islands is a small business trying to give an experience of a lifetime to teach people how to sail in the Virgin Islands. We want to take you to the BVI on our US Flagged vessel legally, with our Captains who have all the appropriate credentials. The paperwork processing is $4,500 every three months, just so you can clear customs. This does not include the Cruising Permit, National park permit, and departure tax, miscellaneous charges usually ranged from $45-$100 per person.  The cost to upgrade credentials for the captain $5-6,000. Here is our list of  the required documentation, for your understanding.

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Gone are the days of leisurely going from the USVI to the BVI on a private vessel. We as US based operators (Go Sail Virgin Islands) on US flagged vessels could take guests to the British Virgin Islands on weekly basis  for 7-day term charters by following the International Cruising Guidelines. The glory days where the rules were fair, the paperwork was straight forward,  you filled in everyone passport info, and the charges changed every time you went through customs in the BVI. . You could charge a credit card, if the machine worked, often times they would expect cash on the spot if not. Regularly the charges would be close to $1,000.

Now post COVID the BVI is changing the rules to make it more difficult for US flagged vessels to enter with guests for all types of trips, water taxis, private day trips, term charters. Recently, I went over on the ferry and we went right through without much hassle at all.

At this time until we cannot afford to process paper work, upgrade the Captain’s international credentials in order to offer BVI trips on the Classic Catamaran Trip.

You can charter a bareboat with us and take it to the BVI, as a private individual with your crew.