1. Book your trip with Go Sail VI

  2. Order your textbooks from ASA 

  3. Book plane tickets

  4. Reserve a room for the night before departure.

  5. Budget and buy travel insurance.

  6. Email copy of your travel insurance to info@gosailvi.com

  7. Pack swimsuit, hat, warm weather clothing. 

  8. Check FAQ page for all your questions and more.

Preparing for your course

Here are a few things to think about when you are preparing for your trip.

What is the typical sailing day like?

Adventure awaits!

The sailing adventure will be centered are three priorities. SAFETY, LEARNING, and FUN! We create a customized crew centered plan. We want to schedule time for class skills, sailing theory, island hoping, snorkeling and beach time. We always consider wind and weather for safety and fun.

The most dangerous thing to have on a boat is a schedule. We prefer to teach a predicable routine that optimizes enjoyment and safety for all.

​- Class will start at 10 AM on Monday or after all the crew arrives.

- DAY 1 at 10 AM, vessel orientation, safety briefing, itinerary planning, lunch, and then we depart right from the dock. The plan is to set sail to get familiar with the vessel on the way to the first anchorage arriving around 4 PM. The evening will consist of a swimming, debrief, free time, island exploring, and preparing dinner aboard or going ashore.

- DAY 2-4 Breakfast at 7 AM, class begins at 8 AM with 1 hour test review, theory, boat systems, and navigation, and the day’s plans. At 9 AM sail to lunch location for swimming and snorkeling.  The afternoon sail will be practice and sailing skills onto the final anchorage for the night arriving around 4 PM.  The evening will consist of a swimming, debrief, free time, island exploring, and preparing dinner aboard or going ashore.

- DAY 6 Class begins at 8 AM to finalize all logbooks, exams, IPC and sea time forms. Then we will set sail to the marina, boat clean up and packing. 10 AM Departure. We can help you arrange a taxi pick up.


Travel Insurance

We STRONGLY encourage obtaining travel insurance. There are several companies that offer travel insurance. We have found this to be a good option.



How to get to the US Virgin Islands? 

Typically you will get a flight to and from the St Thomas  (STT)- Cyril E. King International Airport St Thomas, USVI. 

Then take a taxi from the airport to Compass Point Marina. This about a 40 minute ride and will cost $15 per person and $2 per luggage.  All cab drivers are familiar with the location of Compass Point Marina.  Once you arrive at CPM, Please text the Captain you have been assigned to and they will meet you at the taxi drop off. 

How does hurricane weather play into the planning?

The weather is perfect in November through July in the Virgin Islands. This is why we book the bulk of our classes at this time. The easterly winds are 15-20 Knots, weather sunny 85, and dryer than hurricane months (August - October).

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