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Why taking sailing lessons makes you a better captain.

Why Sailing Lessons Can Make You A Better Captain

Go Sail Virgin Islands


ASA sailing courses aren’t just for beginners. Captains with all levels of experience can benefit from taking sailing lessons. Here’s why:

1. There is always more to learn

The learning journey never ends! This is especially true when it comes to sailing. Even captains with decades of experience continue to find new tricks of the trade, more efficient ways of getting things done, and new environments to hone their skills. ASA sailing courses provide you with a structured environment that allows you to acquire and perfect sailing skills, without having to learn the hard way.

2. Every captain could use a mentor

Who do you turn to when you have sailing questions? Taking ASA sailing courses provides captains with an opportunity to ask as many questions as they like from Virgin Island local sailors. Go Sail Virgin Islands offers the most advanced instructors in the Virgin Islands. In fact, all the Go Sail VI USCG Captains and ASA certified instructors have 20 + years’ experience sailing all over the world. This amount of experience ensures you’ll be matched with an instructor you have plenty to learn from.

3. Sailing lessons are about more than just learning new material

Sailing lessons are about more than mastering the required learning material of ASA sailing courses. Taking sailing lessons can improve your confidence enough to buy that boat you’ve been dreaming of, provide you with the unique skill set needed to charter a bareboat, and even refine muscle memory processes you’ve picked up while sailing. You may be surprised to find out how much you learn in an ASA sailing course that’s beyond the course goals and objectives.

4. Lessons can help you learn to relax

You may notice a theme among the best captains you know. Even under adverse conditions, a great captain remains calm. For many, this skill isn’t innate but is learned through years of experience, courses, and mentorship. If sailing anxiety is something you struggle with, taking one of Go Sail Virgin Island’s ASA sailing courses could be just the solution you need.

You’ll be having so much fun visiting St Thomas, St John, The Virgin Islands National Park, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, and Virgin Gorda, that your worries will start to fade away. Additionally, time spent snorkeling, sailing fast, touring epic trails, eating lobster & Caribbean cuisine, enjoying nightlife and anchoring in secluded bays are a reprieve from previous stressful sailing experiences you may have had. Experiences like this help you gain your confidence, fall in love with sailing culture, and calm your anxious mind. By the end of the course you won’t want to leave your boat or instructor behind.

5. Book an ASA sailing course online

Go Sail Virgin Islands offers bareboat certification, advanced, private, group and other types of courses for captains. Check out the live schedule book your ASA sailing course today.