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American Sailing International Bareboat Certifications on Learn to Sail Vacations in the Virgin Islands.

A Sailing Master Class designed and customized for you.

We offer week-long, live-aboard Learn to Sail Cruising Catamaran, Trimaran, and Monohull Courses in the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands with hands-on experience, fun, and adventure with Advanced ASA instructors.

Bareboat CertificationSail any boat with ASA Certifications and International Proficiency Certificate.

  • 30yr + Advanced American Sailing instructors are flown in for your course
  • The newest sailboats in production
  • Never more than 6 students aboard
  • 5 star ratings on Trip Advisor and Google Reviews

►  Adventure – We are explorers and sailing experts, where we snorkel, swim, and visit the beaches and local restaurants.

►  International Sailing Certificate – IPC

►  Easy Travel – Fly to the Virgin Islands directly!

►  Bareboat Charter – We show you how to Rent a Yacht, How to get your resume approved, and how to get the best prices with industry discounts.

Pick Your Yacht – NEEL, Fontaine Pajot, Leopard, and Lagoon.

Learning to sail in the Virgin Islands is American Sailing Instruction mixed with adventure, family, friends, and professional advanced American sailing Instructors who teach you to be Captain!

  • Step 1: Define your Sailing Goals.
  • Step 2: Choose the Course 101, 103, 104, 114 or 105, 106 118
  • Step 3: Choose the vessel Catamaran, Trimaran, Monohull, or bring your own vessel. 
  • Step 3: Pick your week, book with a 50% deposit and we will send you the books now.
  • Step 4: Study your textbooks and prepare for mostly hands on learning during your course.
  • Step 5: Graduate with IPC, plan your Bareboat Vacation, and Sail anywhere. 

Learn to Sail and get your American Sailing International Bareboat Charter Certificaiton Virgin Islands!

Go Sail Virgin Islands offers learn to sail vacation courses around the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands while living aboard a catamaran, trimaran, or monohull.

Our pursuit of sailing excellence is endless. We are constantly evaluating, perfecting, and evolving with technology to offer the best sailing instruction the world. Going sailing is full of endless opportunities, life experiences, and your thirst to explore the sea will forever be your quest.

Whether you want to learn so you can bring your skills back to your home waters, bareboat charter, or have your sights set on sailing the world, we welcome you to GO SAIL the Virgin Islands. Learn about our new Captains and their Sailing Stories today!

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Destination Anywhere: Sail, Adventure, Explore.





I had an amazing week of sailing and exploring the US Virgin Islands with Go Sail Virgin Islands and Captain Genevieve Evans. First and foremost, Captain G is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher. She thoroughly explained concepts and maneuvers, demonstrating them as well, and then gave us the opportunity to practice throughout the week. She was extremely patient and helped to build my confidence behind the helm tremendously. Additionally, she knows the best spots on each island and made the trip not just about learning and growing as a sailor, but also enjoying time away. I will never forget this trip- if you have the opportunity to learn with Go Sail and Captain G, you won’t regret it. Thanks again Captain G for an absolutely perfect adventure!

– Sara V | Google
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The whole experience did not disappoint

The whole experience did not disappoint—truly a wonderful life memory. The boat was in nice condition and served us well. Captain J T Quinn was absolutely fantastic at teaching us and was so easy to have around. And doubled as a tour guide. We would recommend it to anyone.

– Matt B | Google

Sail VI premium ASA course!

We took the week live aboard sailing lessons for ASA 101,103,104,114 and it was awesome. Sailed around USVI. Our instructor JT was thorough and a pleasure to be with. Thank you for an awesome experience. Already booked our next sailing excursion as a skipper!

– Stephanie B | Trip Advisor


Just spent a week with Capt. Genevieve navigating around the USVI, a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience. Her teaching style a perfect mix of coaching and hands-on, building my ability and confidence with each passing day. Completed ASA Sailing Certifications 101 103 104 114, such that I’ll look forward to returning next season to charter a boat with my family. We also visited their favorite moorages, snorkeling sites, and places to go ashore for food and fun. Even better, they both provide great hospitality with tasty food, a comfortable boat, and good company.

– Larry C | Google
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My family and I sailed with Captain JT Quinn, who provided excellent instruction and is just an all-around good guy. While I went through the hands-on ASA instructions for 101, 103, 104, and 114, my family was able to enjoy cruising around the USVI and BVI. Every afternoon, we would anchor or moor in a bay where we would swim, snorkel, paddle board, and relax for the evening. I was nervous after reading the 4 books and preparing but JT made it really comfortable and easy to learn. He's very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. We shared stories and a lot of laughs. He and Go Sail VI aren't just teaching people to sail, they are cultivating a community of sailors. That's what it's all about in the end — knowing how to

– Tom G. | Google
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I can’t believe how much we learned while sailing with Captain G and Trevon! They explained everything so well and really helped us understand the art of sailing. We now feel confident to bareboat our own charter soon! This was definitely the way to earn our sailing experience.

– Ashley S | Trip Advisor
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Phenomenal Experience!

Our week-long catamaran sailing instruction for ASA 106, 114 and 118 certifications was phenomenal! We chartered a week-long monohull instruction for our ASA 101, 103 and 104 certifications in Florida a year prior. There was no comparison with our Go Sail Virgin Islands live aboard experience far exceeding our expectations. Sweet & Salty, the 44' cat, was spacious, clean and well provisioned. Trevon is an exceptional instructor. He has a depth of knowledge and experience, was patient and tailored his coaching to our individual needs. Thanks for the learnings, experience and memories! Shirley, Eric and Jeff

– Shirley E. | Trip Advisor