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Can I Sail Anywhere in the World with an ASA IPC?

International sailing license IPC Virgin IslandsPlanning on sailing the world? You’ll need your International Proficiency Certificate (IPC) first! In this quick guide you’ll learn where you need the ASA IPC to sail, what countries don’t require the IPC, and how to become certified before you take off on your world travels.  

What is the International Proficiency Certificate, (ASA IPC)?

The International Proficiency Certificate is a sailor’s proof of bareboat charter competency. A sailing competency certification is required in many countries in order to charter a boat. The American Sailing Association (ASA) was the first organization to offer the IPC in the United States. You can learn more about the IPC and the other international sailing proficiency certificate alternatives here

What Countries Accept the ASA IPC?

The ASA IPC is accepted by most countries that require a sailing competency certification. This includes countries that don’t accept the ICC (International Certificate of Competency) like Belarus, Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Portugal, and Turkey. This means obtaining your International Proficiency Certificate can open up quite a lot of sailing territory in the Mediterranean that you wouldn’t be able to charter otherwise!

What Countries Don’t Require Sailing Licenses and Certifications?

Many countries don’t require the ASA IPC or any other type of sailing certificate or license to sail. For example, to charter a boat in the Caribbean you just need to provide your ASA logbook, course certifications, and sailing resume as evidence of your sailing experience. These requirements are similar in the Pacific regions, like French Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand and Tonga. Currently, Asian countries do not require the ASA IPC or other sailing certifications. However, these requirements may change in the near future. 

Do I Need the ASA IPC to Sail My Own Boat Around the World?

The ASA IPC is only required when you are chartering a boat. If you already own your own boat and feel confident in your abilities to sail in a certain region — go for it! However, it might still be worth getting the ASA IPC in case you end up planning a sailing trip somewhere you can’t bring your own boat to. 

How Do I Get My ASA IPC?

Go Sail Virgin Islands will include your ASA IPC once you complete ASA 104 (Bareboat Cruising). As long as you complete your courses with Go Sail Virgin Islands, Go Sail will help you complete the ASA IPC application process at no additional cost. Just provide a passport-like photo and Go Sail Virgin Islands will submit all the necessary documentation to get you your International Proficiency Certificate in no time!