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Why Choose Go Sail Virgin Islands

Top 5 Reasons Why Go Sail Virgin Islands Stands Out.

It’s true – there are numerous inspiring sailing schools out there that you could choose from. So, what sets Go Sail Virgin Islands apart?

When you choose to sail with us, you embark on a journey that immerses you completely in an American Sailing learning- to-sail experience, so, that you will graduate with the knowledge, skills and the capability to sail anywhere. Our pursuit of sailing excellence is endless. We are constantly evaluating, perfecting, and evolving with technology to offer the best sailing instruction in the world. Learning to sail will fulfill endless opportunities, present new life experiences, and engage your thirst to explore the sea. We are also caring for the culture, deepening our connection with nature, and protecting our oceans for future generations. Here are 5 main reasons why we have successful weeks at Go Sail VI. 

We are friends of Virgin Islands local wild life and island culture.

#1 The Virgin Islands are the most amazing sailing areas in the world.

At Latitude 18°N, the Virgin Islands are situated at the eastern end of the Greater Antilles, about 40 miles (64 km) east of Puerto Rico, in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. This is about 1,080 nautical miles from the equator and tides are less than 1 foot (.3m). We call this champagne sailing because tropical conditions are steady throughout the year with consistent easterly trade winds of 15 to 20 knots. The weather is warm 80 – 85°F (27°C) days and cool nights 75°F (23°C). We love the creatures of the sea dolphins, whales, turtles and underwater sea life are at most anchorages. The beaches are rated as some of the most beautiful in the world. 

The US Virgin Islands are an excellent place to begin your sailing journey. The Islands are hopping with fun and the anchorages are serene.  It does not require a passport, St Thomas, St John (Virgin Islands National Park) and St Croix.  US Virgin Islands Cruising Itinerary 

The British Virgin Islands are well known for famous places like the Soggy Dollar, Foxy’s Tamarind bar, and the Baths. This does require a passport and slightly longer, more costly travel time, but worth it especially if this is your second course or bareboat charter with us. British Virgin Island Cruising Itinerary

#2 Expert Instructors who are Captains and are American Sailing Certified.

We are a crew of expert captains and instructors who have sailed all over the world. We know sailing but better yet we are mastering the art of teaching you everyday with patience and practice. Kindness and respect are at the heart of everything we do. These are 7 key principles we follow and live by.

  1. Encourage active learning
  2. Give and ask for prompt feedback 
  3. Emphasize hands-on sailing skills
  4. Communicate with honesty and clarity
  5. Respect diverse talents and ways of learning
  6. Encourage questions and growth mindset
  7. Develop reciprocity and cooperation

We are also providing this service for the betterment of the sailing community. When you are passing down your knowledge, you will have been inspired by the great mentor and Captain. 

 Meet the Go Sail Virgin Islands Captains and Crew

30 years of experience had to start somewhere.
Catamarans are fun to sail. They are large and steady so you are unlikely to get sea sick.

#3 Well maintained yachts with comfort amenities.

The yacht is as much a part of the learning experience as everything else. You put in the hard work to prepare yourself and the yacht should be well prepared too. We spend the time making sure the yachts used are clean, working properly, and ready to board when you arrive. The provisions will be on the boat and put away for you. We always spend the first night on the dock so that you will have flexibility if your flight is late. The following morning we go through a charter briefing (like the one you would do if you are buying a yacht or bareboat chartering with a charter company) in the morning before departure. This way you will get a full understanding of the functions of the comfort equipment on the vessel. 

We spend extra to make sure the boats have a generator, water maker and air conditioning. 

Go Sail Virgin Islands Yachts

American Sailing - Sailing is for everyone.

#4 American Sailing Standard Certifications


🔷 ASA has certified more than 476,000 sailing students.

🔷 Over 300 professional sailing schools around the world use the ASA system.

🔷 ASA membership represents about 85% of the viable, commercial sailing schools in the U.S.

🔷 ASA is the standard for sailing education in the US and increasingly elsewhere in the world.

🔷 ASA certification is recognized by major charter boat companies as well as other ASA facilities around the world.

🔷 ASA has had a functioning, nationwide keelboat program since 1983.

🔷ASA is the only certifying organization which has adopted an instructor code of ethics.

#5 You! Solo Travelers, Couples, and Families make our job easy and fun.

We have three main categories of students Solo Travelers, Couples, and Families. You all have similar dreams in common as like-minded sailing explorers. 

  • A great experience and great value for your money.
  • Learn how to sail and gain the confidence to sail anytime, anywhere.
  • Enjoy this as a learn to sail vacation and have the itinerary customized for your goals.
  • Practice sailing skills, motoring skills, learn sailing theory, and get a feel for the lifestyle.
  • Sleep comfortably on a well-maintained yacht with comfort amenities.
  • Eat well and enjoy local island culture.
  • Snorkel, visit the beaches, and have some down time to relax.
  • A great Captain that is patient, kind, respectful, and an experienced instructor.
  • A sailing school who provides clear communication. When you call, you can actually talk with a human.

In short, the best part is seeing you have the best sailing vacation of a lifetime. Walking away with lifelong memories and having achieved our goals. This is why it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

We sincerely hope you will join us for an amazing adventure.