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Sailing Story: Captain Genevieve Evans

graphical user interfaceGenevieve was born and raised in Montana and spent many summers on Flathead Lake. “When I was 16, the neighbor came by and asked me if I wanted to go sailing on his Hobbie cat. Before I knew it, we were flying across the top of the water without a sound. It was an overwhelming feeling of freedom and capability that I hadn’t ever felt before.”

Fast-forward a few years later, in 2009, Genevieve concluded that the corporate world was no longer cutting it for her.

“I was searching for that feeling of possibility, and I leaned into my memory of that sailing day.”

Genevieve signed up for a ASA Sailing course in the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. During that class, she met a solo sailor that would forever change her life, Captain Erik. Eventually they decided to sail together on his 29ft monohull sailboat. Destination: Bahamas for the winter.  Think You tube channel epic adventure without the camera. Captain Erik and Genevieve cruised, and island hopped about 1500 miles of the Bahamas and for six months. While on this fascinating journey, finally free from what society says. She had the opportunity to reflect on what was possible. To find her purpose. By the time her sailing trip came to an end, Genevieve was certain of one thing.

“There’s no possible way I could go through my life without sailing in my future,” she said.

Genevieve had found her passion and her purpose through sailing. Sailing filled the void that the corporate world couldn’t. “Sailing is empowering because it creates self-reliance and confidence in your ability to solve problems,” she explained. “I really found out about my capacity to handle risk and get out of my comfort zone. It has really helped me grow in all aspects of my life.”

Captain Genevieve devoted 720 days at sea and applied for the USCG Coast Guard License in 2012. After working in the Virgin Islands as a first mate for tour boats, cleaning boats, and trying just about every job you can think of to get experience. She met some sailing instructors who mentored and helped her gain the large Catamaran experience she needed. Captain Genevieve taught weeklong American sailing courses in the Virgin Islands and Belize on 50ft catamarans. During 10 years of instruction, she became a Master American Sailing Instructor. Now she mentors and trains new instructors.

Now that she had found this passion, this purpose— she felt a calling to share it.

“There is pure joy in find your purpose, and I was meant to be a sailor, a teacher and an entrepreneur.” she said. 

Thus “Go Sail Flathead Lake” and “Go Sail Virgin Islands” were born. Through these businesses, Genevieve found that she didn’t just love sailing— she adored sharing her love for sailing with new students.

Now she is the CEO of two sailing schools and travels all over the world with sailing connections.

“When the opportunity presents itself, a life of a sailor, a life of epic adventure, a bit of unknown, with the ability to share, grab that purpose unicorn and sail towards the horizon” she said.

You can join Captain Genevieve on a journey of finding purpose and passion through sailing at “Go Sail Flathead Lake” and “Go Sail Virgin Islands

Schedule a call with Genevieve to ask a about booking a trip or just to get some sailing advice.