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How to Plan A Yacht Charter Vacation in the Caribbean

Go Sail Virgin IslandsSailing on a private boat in the Caribbean offers ultimate freedom and luxury! Here is what you need to know before booking a yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean: 

Booking Sailing Trips Directly vs. Through a Broker

When you start searching for companies to book a yacht charter vacation through, you’ll be met with two main options: booking through a broker or booking directly. 


There are a few advantages to booking directly through a company like Go Sail Virgin Islands. For one, when you book a yacht charter vacation directly through a sailing company, you’ll have more ability to customize your trip to your specific needs. Secondly, you’ll be able to get to know the boats available, the experience of captains, and the reputation of the company before you set sail. 


On the other hand, when you book through a broker at a Bareboat charter company or online booking site or it’s a flip of a coin whether they’ll find a reputable sailing company for you to go on your yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean with. Often, these brokers are more driven by making a profit than you having the vacation of a lifetime. 

Destination Selection For Your Caribbean Yacht Charter Vacation

There are plenty of exotic destinations to sail to during a yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean. If this is your first trip sailing in the Caribbean, it can be helpful to choose a location that’s low stress and easy to integrate into. For example, if you are a US citizen, the US Virgin Islands is a great place to start. You don’t need to bring a passport to sail in the US Virgin Islands, the culture is similar to the US mainland, and there are gorgeous locations to visit during your trip! Learn more about sailing in the US Virgin Islands here. The British Virgin Islands are great practice sailing area for Go Sail Graduates.

Sailing Skills Required For Your Caribbean Yacht Charter Trip

The sailing skills you’ll need before heading out on your Caribbean yacht charter trip depend on the type of trip you’re planning! For example, you don’t need any experience to go on a week-long ASA certification course with Go Sail Virgin Islands. However, to charter your own bareboat without a captain, you’ll need some prior experience first. Learn the skills and certifications you’ll need to rent your own bareboat here

Crew and Provisioning in the Caribbean

To have a great time on your yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean, you’ll want to be surrounded by a group of great people and have all the creature comforts on board to keep you happy! Go Sail Virgin Islands offers private yacht charters in the Caribbean as well as trips with other guests, where you can make new friends with common interests! Additionally, Go Sail Virgin Islands works with all sailors to meet their provisioning needs— including provisioning our boats to meet your food preference needs and picking up creature comforts that make you feel at home before you arrive. 

Ready to Book?

Ready to book your Learn to Sail vacation in the Caribbean? Contact Go Sail Virgin Islands to plan out your trip today! We’ll work with you to create a specialized trip that offers you the ultimate freedom and bareboat certification.