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The Ultimate Guide to Couples Cruising in the Virgin Islands

Sailing on your own is fun but sailing with your significant other can take your love of sailing (and potential of your partner) to all new heights! This guide to couples cruising in the Virgin Islands will help you to book the sailing trip of a lifetime with your special someone. 

a person holding a sign1. Consider Both of Your Sailing Qualifications 

It’s not uncommon for sailing couples to have differing levels of sailing experience. However, it can be helpful for both of you to have baseline knowledge. Taking a few ASA qualification courses can help you both feel comfortable working as a team on a sailboat together. Go Sail Virgin Islands offers a Cruising Couples Catamaran Course to get you prepared to bareboat as a team. Learn more about this course here

2. Discuss Your Sailing Goals and Expectations

Sailing goals and expectations are discussed with crew members and captains on the first day of any Go Sail Virgin Islands course. However, if you and your partner are planning to do a couples cruising bareboat charter, you’ll want to discuss your goals and expectations for your trip together before you set sail. Here are a few discussion questions to get the ball rolling:

  • What areas of the Virgin Islands would we like to explore? Do we have a plan B and plan C, as well?
  • Who is responsible for which tasks (ex. Who is at the helm? Who will grab the mooring ball? Who will be cooking dinner?)
  • What are the communication expectations we both have of each other? 


3. Decide on Downtime Activities

Just as important as deciding on your sailing plans as a cruising couple is discussing your plans for when you’re not sailing! During your downtime would you like to be hiking, snorkeling, shopping, eating, scuba diving, or just sunbathing on the boat? It’s common for cruising couples to have to reach some compromises on these decisions so it can be helpful to discuss them before you hop on the boat. 

4.Book Your Trip!

Once you have an outline of how you’d like your couples cruising adventure in the Virgin Islands to go, it’s time to start booking! That includes booking flights, your Cruising Couples Catamaran Course or bareboat charter, and hotels for your days onshore. If you need any recommendations for places to stay or best times to book your trip, reach out to Go Sail Virgin Islands! We’d be happy to provide you with any additional information you need to make your couples sailing trip the vacation of your dreams.