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A Guide to National Maritime Day


Congress declared May 22 as National Maritime Day in the 1930s and it is still being celebrated today! Find out more about the holiday and how you can celebrate it below:

What does National Maritime Day celebrate?

National Maritime Day celebrates all those in the maritime industry! That includes those in the marine shipping industry, shipbuilders, workers in ports and terminals, maritime engineers, and anyone who works in marine tourism. National Maritime Day also pays special thanks to U.S. Merchant Marine Veterans and the innovators and pioneers who have advanced maritime technology.

Why is National Maritime Day on May 22?

May 22 wasn’t chosen at random to celebrate National Maritime Day. On May 22, 1819 the first steamship successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The successful journey of the SS Savannah began in Savannah, Georgia and ended in Liverpool, England. This technology propelled many more advancements in the maritime world and was a symbol of progress and innovation!

Are there National Maritime Day events in the US Virgin Islands?

There aren’t many formal National Maritime Day events in the US Virgin Islands. In fact, there aren’t many formal National Maritime Day events anywhere in the United States! However, the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum in Savannah, Georgia is hosting its inaugural “Maritime Day Celebration” this year with a two day light and sound festival. As this event “picks up steam” maybe other National Maritime Day events will pop up in the Virgin Islands and beyond! 

How can I celebrate National Maritime Day?

While the US Virgin Islands may not have many formal National Maritime Day events you can attend, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the day! A few easy ways to celebrate include taking a trip to the Pirates Treasure Museum on St John, hosting a small coastal cleanup event, or joining Go Sail Virgin Islands for sailing courses to learn more about the maritime industry and become a part of it yourself!  

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