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Is It Worth Taking ASA 118?

textIf you already have your basic sailing courses completed, you may be wondering what’s next. Oftentimes, ASA 118 is a logical next step to improve your sailing abilities. Here’s why:

What Is ASA 118?

ASA 118 is the docking endorsement course offered through the American Sailing Association. This 2-day course equips sailors with the knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently dock an auxiliary powered sailboat. Signing up for ASA 118 is a great way for both new and experienced sailors to gain confidence in docking.  

What Will I Learn In An ASA 118 Docking Endorsement Course?

The ASA 118 docking endorsement course is a mix of both textbook and classroom knowledge as well as practical skill learning and assessments. Students learn about the four forces that act on a boat during docking maneuvers, which of those the helmsman can control, the specifics of engine and rudder control, and much more. Out on the water, students practice maneuvering the boat in confined spaces (including performing a “standing turn” maneuver), docking and undocking under different wind conditions, and demonstrating the proper method for heaving a line and other docking procedures.  

Why Should I Take An ASA 118 Docking Endorsement Course?

According to a report by the US Coast Guard, docking and undocking resulted in over 200 boating accidents in 2022 within the United States. Those accidents resulted in 3 deaths and nearly 40 injuries. It’s recommended that all sailors become skilled in docking to avoid accidents. Taking ASA 118 can provide both new and experienced sailors with the practical skills and knowledge they need to dock safely.  

Where Can I Get An ASA 118 Docking Endorsement?

Go Sail Virgin Islands often includes ASA 118 as part of the weeklong catamaran courses offered in the Virgin Islands. Even if ASA 118 is not listed as part of the course you are interested in taking, Go Sail Virgin Island courses can be customized to meet the individual needs of students. If you would like to take ASA 118 as part of your cruise with Go Sail Virgin Islands, reach out directly by emailing or sending a message here