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Can’t Miss 4th of July Events in the Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is the place to be in the Caribbean the first week of July! That’s because this US territory celebrates US Independence Day just like in the states. There will be fireworks, parades, and all the American classics. Here are our top 4th of July events you won’t want to miss in 2024:

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St Croix: Fireworks on the Frederiksted Pier

Frederiksted often goes by the name “Freedom City” in the Virgin Islands, which makes it an aptly named location to celebrate Independence Day!  The Frederiksted Economic Development Association (FEDA) hosts a firework display starting around 8pm. Come early and you’ll also be greeted by a variety of vendors and music! It’s also worth staying the night in St Croix so you can enjoy the quarterly “Jump Up” Festival on July 5

St John: A Weeklong Celebration

The 4th of July coincides with the last day of St John’s annual carnival. The event not only marks the founding of the United States but also the end of slavery on the island on July 3, 1848. This festival is much more intimate than many of the other carnivals in the Caribbean– which, as organizers boast, means shorter food and drink lines! Learn more about what’s going on at the St John Carnival here.

St Thomas: Fireworks on the Beach

One of the more relaxing and low key 4th of July events in the Virgin Islands is the fireworks show in St Thomas. The small firework show at Cruz Bay doesn’t feature the array of vendors and musicians you’ll find on the other islands. However, if you are looking for a more laid back 4th of July, this is likely where you’ll want to be!

Celebrate them all!  

Like the sound of all the 4th of July events in the Virgin Islands? Charter a sailboat or take a weeklong liveaboard learn to sail course over the holiday and celebrate them all! Start off in St John to celebrate carnival, then have a relaxed 4th of July on St Thomas before rounding out your week with the Jump Up Festival on St Croix! Contact Go Sail Virgin Islands to learn more about making your dream 4th of July trip in the Virgin Islands a reality.