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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for World Travelers

World travelers can be difficult to gift shop for. It may seem like they’ve gone everywhere and done everything already! So how do you impress a world traveler with your Valentine’s day gifts? Blow them out of the water with one of these awesome Valentine’s gift ideas for world travelers! 

1. A Cruising Couple’s Catamaran Course


You may feel like your Valentine has done it all— but even if they have, that doesn’t mean they won’t want to repeat some of those amazing adventures with you! For example, even if your significant other sails, have they ever experienced couple’s cruising with you? A cruising couple’s catamaran course is a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift for experienced sailors and new-to-sailing couples too! Learn more about this unique Valentine’s Day gift here

2. A Sampling Of Worldly Wines

What have been your SO’s favorite trips you’ve gone on together? Reminisce and celebrate those amazing times with a bottle of wine from each country you’ve traveled to as a couple. Bonus points if you include a note with every bottle of your favorite memory from each country! You can also include wines from countries you would like to visit with them in the future. For example, are you excited for a future Go Sail Virgin Islands sailing trip with your spouse? Buy them a bottle of wine from St. Croix Cellars as one of your Valentine’s Day gifts – it’s the US Virgin Islands’ first and only winery!

3. A Parisian Dinner Date

If you can’t book a last minute flight to Paris for your partner as a Valentine’s Day gift— bring Paris to you instead! Cook your travel loving spouse a French inspired meal, complete with romantic French music playing in the background. With some delicious Crêpes Suzette, entrecôte steaks, and tasty cheeses, you’ll be transported right to the heart of Paris!

4. A Tasteful Travel Journal 

Track all the amazing travel memories you and your partner have made together with a travel journal! Travel journals are a great way for your spouse to track the countries they’ve visited, the specific adventures you’ve gone on together (like your couples cruising trip!), and their dreams for future trips. You can even get the ball rolling by filling out parts of the travel journal before gifting it to them with your favorite travel memories together!