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Why are the Virgin Islands known for the best sailing conditions?

logoThe world is full of sailing itineraries and trips! So how do you choose the perfect sailing location for your trip? The Virgin Islands has some of the best sailing conditions you’ll find anywhere and  should absolutely be a top contender for your next sailing adventure. Here’s what makes sailing here so impressive: 

1. Temperatures

The year round sunshine in the Virgin Islands makes just about every day a perfect day for sailing. On the island of Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands for example, temperatures range from a mean low of about 79 degrees Fahrenheit in January through March to a mean high of about 85 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August. Not too hot, not too cold— these Virgin Islands sailing conditions are ideal for getting out on the water!  

2. Wind speeds

The Virgin Islands trade winds lead to fairly dependable wind speeds year round. Most sailors view ideal wind speeds to be between 5-12 knots and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Virgin Islands. Late summer winds are generally around 5-10 knots but they do pick up slightly in the winter. Very rarely, wind speeds will reach up to 30 knots in the winter. However, this is a true rarity and most days provide those perfect “champagne sailing” conditions! 

3. Consistency 

It’s not just that the Virgin Islands has beautiful weather that makes it such a special place to sail— it’s that it has consistently beautiful sailing weather that makes for ideal sailing conditions in the Virgin Islands year round. While you still need to check conditions every time you sail, in the Virgin Islands you can be fairly certain any random day you choose to sail is going to be a good sailing day! 

4. Destinations

While technically not a Virgin Islands sailing “condition” — the destinations available to visit while sailing the Virgin Islands are another reason sailors flock here! In the Virgin Islands, you can find a variety of fabulous destinations to sail to. This includes opportunities to island hop, sail to historic towns and cities, snorkel with unique sea life, or even dive to shipwreck sites. The world is your oyster when it comes to sailing in the Virgin Islands!

Learn more about what to expect on a Virgin Island sailing trip

Looking for more information about Virgin Island sailing conditions? Go Sail Virgin Islands is happy to share their expertise on what you can expect on a sailing trip in the area. Contact us to learn more about sailing in the Virgin Islands