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What is Bareboat Sailing?

diagramIf you are starting to dabble in the sailing world, you’ve probably heard the word “bareboat” thrown around. So what exactly is bareboat chartering ? 

What Is Bareboat Sailing?

Bareboat sailing is the term used to describe sailing a rented boat without a hired captain or crew. Going bareboating essentially means you are choosing to charter a boat on your own for your vacation!  

Why Is It Called Bareboat Sailing? 

Bareboat charter sailing gets its name from the fact that the boat you charter will be “bare” of a crew and provisions. However, that doesn’t mean your boat comes empty! While every charter company is different, bareboat charters come with a care package containing basic items, for example a garbage bag, toilet paper, and a few bottles of water. The vessel will come with linens, pillows and towels. Most companies all include snorkeling gear. The vessel will always have all the federally required safety equipment, life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers, horn, and small tool kit for light repairs you will need for a successful sailing vacation.    

What Qualifications Do I Need To Go Bareboat Sailing? 

The requirements to charter a boat without a captain or crew vary based on where you book and with what company you book. Most charter companies require a sailing license or ASA bareboat certification. For example, if you are chartering a bareboat in the Mediterranean, most chartering companies are going to require you to present your International Proficiency Certificate (IPC). You can learn more about obtaining an international sailing certificate here.

The price to charter a bareboat is dependent on the length of your trip, the type of boat you book, and where you want to sail! Go Sail Virgin Islands offers a 10% discount to all ASA members sailing in the Virgin Islands and beyond! Learn more about this deal and other bareboat sailing options when you fill in the bareboat charter request form or schedule a 20-minute call with Go Sail Virgin Islands.