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New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Travelers

Top 4 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Travelers Go Sail Virgin Islands new year

The most popular New Year’s resolution ideas aren’t exactly fun. They focus on hard to accomplish tasks like quitting bad habits or weight loss through regimented workout routines. Oftentimes, we fail at these New Year’s resolution ideas because they aren’t fun! However, these New Year’s resolution ideas for travelers will not only keep you active and healthy— they are so enjoyable that you’ll stay driven to accomplish them!  

1. Try A New Mode of Transportation

You probably have some experience with planes, trains, and automobiles — but what modes of transportation have you never tried? This New Year’s resolution idea for travelers is sure to keep your travels interesting! For example, you can resolve to ride a camel across the Sahara in 2024 or island hop across the Caribbean on a sailboat

2. Learn A New Travel Skill

Do you ever find yourself watching or reading someone’s social media post or travel blog and think, “I want to do that!”? Resolve to try it for yourself in 2024! You can make this goal as big or small as you like. For example, you could learn to sail with Go Sail Virgin Islands or if sailing is a travel skill you already have, you can learn how to become a full-time sailing family with the “Zero to Full Time Cruiser” course from ASA and Sailing La Vagabonde.  

3. Circumnavigate an Island

You may have visited an island but have you ever seen one from every side, direction, and perspective? Some islands have options for driving the entire way around— like Maui. However, other islands require a boat to fully circumnavigate your way around! With Go Sail Virgin Islands, you can circumnavigate islands with a captain during sailing courses or go on your own, as part of a bareboat charter

4. Match Your Age To Countries or States Visited

We left the most challenging of the New Year’s resolutions for travelers for last! You may have heard someone reference the goal “30 countries by 30” — but why stop there? If you are already over the age of 30 or have visited over 30 countries, resolve to keep your country count above your age from every year here on out! You can also challenge yourself to do this with the U.S. states. However, if you’ve already seen all 50 states or are over the age of 50 — start adding in U.S. territories! The U.S. Virgin Islands is a great place to start!