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Sailing Story: Matt Fenlon

a group of people posing for the cameraMatt had never spent much time thinking about sailing. In fact, it wasn’t until a coworker brought it up to him that the sport had ever crossed his mind. However, after his coworker mentioned it, he felt somehow compelled to give it a whirl. And a “whirl” it was. 


“After a few hours of classroom instruction, we headed out in some blustery conditions,” Matt recounted. “The wind continued to build as the small craft advisory came over the radio. It rained for the two days of the outdoor class time and the gusty conditions persisted. It was a spicy weekend!”


However, Matt’s instructor was quick to point out that Matt’s first whirlwind sailing adventure might have been more of a blessing than a curse. 


“The instructor was correct in stating if we could handle the boat in those conditions and were still able to have a good time, we were set for life,” Matt explained. 


And set for life he was. Soon, Matt’s wife began joining him on courses and sails. Together they embarked on a hobby that they are confident will last them a lifetime. 


“Meg and I took ASA 101 separately, but the majority of our instruction has been together with Go Sail. As a sailing couple, I have great comfort in knowing my partner is skilled and qualified,” he said. “Most recently we got our ASA Instructors certifications and spent New Years Eve with Go Sail on an amazing charter through the USVIs. It is a unique experience going from reading your manual, practicing the skills and then wrapping up the afternoon swimming with sea turtles.”


While Matt and Megan are incredibly excited to start teaching sailing courses, they also have a number of other sailing dreams that are quickly becoming realities.  


“In 2022 we realized a major goal and purchased our dream blue water cruising boat,” Matt explained. “In the future, we plan on exploring the Chesapeake Bay as we get to know the boat and build our confidence. In the longer term, we hope to do some cruising and eventually explore some more distant destinations.”