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Captain’s Log: Racing Along

Go Sail VI racing alongThe Basics

The boat: Sweet and Salty, a 2018 FP Helia 44’ 

Crew: Captain Trevon 

ASA Students: Kate, Jeff, Shirley, and Eric

Courses Completed:  ASA 103 (Basic Coastal Cruising), ASA 104  (Bareboat Cruising), ASA 106 (Advanced Coastal Cruising), ASA 114 (Cruising Catamaran), ASA 118 (Docking Endorsement)

Day 1: Making Plans

This crew came aboard Sweet and Salty with a variety of sailing experience! However, Captain Trevon found they all had a few things in common. Everyone wanted to complete their docking endorsement (ASA 118) as well as at least a few other ASA courses by the end of the week. This crew also determined that they would be interested in a trip to St. Croix during their sailing courses. 

Day 2: Jumping Right In

The group took no time to jump right into their sailing adventure! They started off the morning strong by rotating through helming on the way to Frenchman’s Cap and back to Christmas Cove. Everyone also had the chance to drive under motor power before continuing on to Pilsbury Sound. There, the crew took turns grabbing mooring balls before putting their skills to the test in Cancel Bay. By afternoon, Trevon dove into dinghy orientation with the group so they could enjoy a fabulous blackened Mahi dinner in Cruz Bay!  

Day 3: A Change of Plans

The crew woke up to some fairly strong winds for the area— 15 to 18 kts! This made it a great time to practice raising full sails, tacking and jibing. Everyone was able to try out the various positions, as the winds remained steady throughout the day. As the crew settled into Maho Bay at the end of the day, they approached Trevon about a change of plans. Would it be possible to circumnavigate St. John rather than the ocean crossing to St. Croix? The answer was a resounding yes! Go Sail Virgin Islands and Captain Trevon are always up for unexpected adventures. Rolling with the punches is part of the job — making sure sailing trips are everything Go Sail students dream of!  

Day 4: Circumnavigation in a Day!  

It seems many other sailors had the same idea as the Sweet and Salty crew— St. John was bustling when the group reached the island! However, this provided the students with an opportunity to maneuver through traffic and practice crossings. Their hard work paid off and by the end of the day, the crew found an amazing spot to moor in Hawksnest Bay. Despite the traffic, they had completed their circumnavigation in St. John before sunset. Quite the achievement for this dedicated crew! 

Day 5: Racing Along 

The crew proved their ability to quickly circumnavigate St. John— so what new ‘speed’ challenge would face them next? They decided to challenge a few other sailboats to races as they tacked over to Tortola! This was a fun way for the group to test out their skills and add in a little competition. The crew celebrated their racing wins with a delicious dinner and some shopping on Coral Bay before settling in for the night. 

Day 6: Night Sailing

Circumnavigation in a day, sailboat races— what could this crew possibly challenge themselves with next? How about a 3am wake up call for some night sailing! The group navigated through the harbor in the middle of the night, raised sails, and made their way towards Tortola. Before sunrise they had already gybed several times, sailed through the Narrows, and onto Cancel Bay. Somehow, the crew still had the energy after breakfast to watch Captain Trevon demonstrate docking and even nail the docking process on their own! 

Day 7: Brunch Bye-Byes 

On the last day, the crew sailed to Frenchman’s Cap, raised sails, took their last turns at the wheel, and made their return to Compass Point. However, the group wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye. They decided to share one last meal together before heading off— a tasty brunch before making their way to the airport!