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Sailing Story: Trevon and Stephanie

Go sail Virgin IslandsSailing stories rarely involve just one person. There are usually multiple people along the way that influence a sailor’s journey, their sailing plans, and their sailing futures.


This is absolutely true for Captain Trevon and first mate Stephanie! While their sailing stories began separately, they are now strongly intertwined.


Stephanie grew up on the water: swimming, fishing, and boating on the land of 10,000 lakes in Minnesota. While she was already a lover of water sports, it wasn’t until she met Trevon that her love of sailing blossomed.

On the other hand, Trevon had quite a sailing history before meeting Stephanie. He had sailed in Montana, the San Juan Islands, Mexico, Florida and the Virgin Islands. By the time he and Stephanie met he was already a qualified ASA instructor!


However, in some ways, that’s only the beginning of Trevon’s sailing story because after meeting Stephanie, his individual hobby became a lifelong passion to share with a lifelong partner. 

He introduced her to sailing by proclaiming, “let’s race the Montana Cup Regatta!” After a crash course in sailing and racing from Trevon, Stephanie found herself in the race. From there, their sailing story as a couple began. Through a shared passion of sailing they became inseparable soul mates, partners, captain and first mate.  


Nowadays, you can find Trevon and Stephanie sharing their love of sailing with others in the Virgin Islands. Trevon is one of the knowledgeable Go Sail Virgin Islands captains and Stephanie is always closely nearby as first mate. Together, they make a fantastic pair— providing Go Sail clients with the ultimate sailing experience!


If you set sail with Trevon and Stephanie at Go Sail Virgin Islands, feel free to ask them more about their sailing stories and what it’s like living a sailing lifestyle as a couple! This duo is more than happy to share their experiences and welcome you into the world of sailing in the U.S. Virgin Islands!