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Transitioning From Weekend Warrior Sailing to a Full Time Sailing Lifestyle

It can feel like a big jump to go from being a weekend warrior sailor to embracing a full-time sailing lifestyle. Here are a few tips to get you ready for the big transition: 

text1. Try Out A Few Different Liveaboard Options First

Getting as much experience as possible before becoming a full-time sailor is essential for making sure your new sailing lifestyle is a success. For example, you’ll want to try out overnight trips on a variety of different sailboats and in various locations before buying or renting your own. Additionally, taking a variety of courses will give you the opportunity to learn from other experienced sailors and gain the knowledge you’ll need for all sorts of different situations you’ll encounter at sea. Finally, you’ll want to steadily increase the length of your bareboat trips to ensure you are ready for the full-time transition. 

2. Get Your International Sailing Certification

Who knows where you’ll end up on your full-time sailing adventure! An international sailing certificate ensures you are ready to set sail anywhere in the world, widening the potential for endless sailing fun. When you complete  ASA 101 (Basic Keelboat Sailing), ASA 103 (Basic Coastal Cruising), and ASA 104 (Bareboat Cruising) with Go Sail Virgin Islands, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for the International Proficiency Certificate (IPC). In fact,  Go Sail Virgin Islands helps students apply for their license at no extra cost after completing the required courses. Sign up for courses and obtain your international sailing certification with Go Sail Virgin Islands. 

3. Take the Zero to Full Time Cruiser Course

One of the best ways to avoid common mistakes when transitioning from weekend warrior sailing to full-time sailing is by learning from those who have done it before you! Riley and Elayna rose to fame as they documented their journey learning to sail and becoming full-time sailors on their YouTube Channel, Sailing La Vagabonde. You are sure to learn a lot by following them on YouTube, however, for a condensed look at their biggest lessons learned, you can take their 90 minute online course on the ASA website