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What Makes St. John Beaches So Special

St John USVI

You’ll find the Caribbean’s top beaches in St. John in the US Virgin Islands. However, it’s more than the sparkling turquoise blue waters and white, crystal sands that make St. John beaches so special. Here are six stand-out features of St. John’s beaches that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else:

1. Protected by the Virgin Islands National Park 

Covering a third of the island, the Virgin Islands National Park is responsible for preserving the beauty of St. John and preventing unsightly development. It’s hardly surprising that the island claims so many of the top beaches in the Virgin Islands! Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay are two of the top beaches in St. John because they are within the national park boundaries, so you won’t find more than a snack shop built there.

2. The best snorkeling in the Caribbean

While most USVI beaches have great snorkeling potential, St. John’s pure waters offer the most stunning underwater scenes. Snorkelers won’t have to search too hard to encounter thriving sea turtle communities, exotic fish, and protected reefs in St. John’s shallow and clear water. Maho Bay is considered the best location for finding sea turtles and rays who feed on nearby sea grass, and Trunk Bay even has a coral reef trail with underwater plaques about marine life.

3. Secluded beaches right off your boat

No one wants to spend their vacation on noisy, jam-packed beaches. St. John lacks the crowds and development of more commercial seaside destinations, so you can be sure of a tranquil respite on the island. The cleverest travelers can find the most secluded beaches by boat. Denis Beach is difficult to reach by land, making it the perfect destination if you’re sailing in St. John. Visit Go Sail Virgin Islands to find the right sailboat rental for your nautical adventure!

4. Hiking trails full of history and adventure 

Getting restless from relaxing by the sea? Many of the top beaches in St. John lead to hiking trails full of natural beauty and fascinating archeological sites. Hikers on St. John are treated to protected tropical forests, scenic overlooks, and ruins from the colonial-era sugar mill production. Reef Bay Trail has it all: The hike starts in a tropical forest where you will pass multiple sugar mill ruins; then find the Petroglyphs, prehistoric stone carvings created by the native Taino people; a waterfall; and finally, trekkers are rewarded by the picturesque Reef Bay Beach.

5. Beauty unspoiled by commercial tourism

As the smallest of the main US Virgin Islands, St. John receives fewer visitors per year than its neighbors, and commercial restaurants, hotels, and resorts are almost completely absent on the island. Therefore, the beaches and surrounding forests are some of the most pristine in the Caribbean. At Honeymoon Beach, white sand and bright aquamarine sea greet you with a backdrop of verdant tropical forest unspoiled by excessive structures and large crowds of people. 

6. A wildlife lover’s paradise

Looking to connect with nature on your vacation? Because the National Park Service has always carefully preserved St. John, tropical wildlife thrives here on both land and sea. Visitors share the island with more than 30 species of tropical birds, as well as gecko and iguana lizards, and even wild donkeys! A kaleidoscope of protected coral and vibrant fish surrounds St. John, and of course, communities of rays and sea turtles flourish on this idyllic island.

Learn more about St. John and its beautiful beaches

One of the best ways to find, explore, and gain a love for St. John and its gorgeous beaches is on a liveaboard boat in the Virgin Islands! Go Sail Virgin Islands can give you a full tour of the waters near the island, take you to the best restaurants and beaches on land, and ensure you have a unique and unforgettable experience to the USVI. Learn more about liveaboard sailing courses and bareboat sailing rentals here