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Sailing into the St Croix Mango Melee Festival

graphic of a mango

July 7th is all about mangoes in the US Virgin Islands as the Mango Melee Festival rolls through St Croix! Here’s the scoop on how to sail into the festival and enjoy the day of festivities: 

What is the St Croix Mango Melee Festival?

The St Croix Mango Melee Festival is an annual event hosted by the St George Village Botanic Garden to help develop a greater appreciation for tropical fruits. While the spotlight is on mangoes, the event includes information and fun surrounding a variety of tropical fruits. The proceeds of the event support the programs at the botanical garden throughout the year. 

graphic of a mango

Getting to the St Croix Mango Melee Festival by boat 

While the St Croix Mango Melee Festival is an on-land event, one of the most enjoyable ways to get there is by sailboat! If you are arriving at the St Croix Mango Melee Festival by boat the closest spot to sail to is the Frederiksted Pier. The Frederiksted Harbor has designated mooring and anchoring areas. From there, you can grab a taxi and head to the St George Village Botanical Gardens. It’s about a 5 mile drive so if you are feeling adventurous— you could also bike over!

Chartering a boat for the St Croix Mango Melee Festival

If you don’t own your own boat, or even know how to sail one, Go Sail Virgin Islands can help! Go Sail Virgin Islands offers sailboat charters as well as ASA sailing lessons. If you are a seasoned sailor you can bareboat charter to the Mango Melee Festival and if you have less experience, your captain can add it as a destination on your learn to sail vacation! 

Things to do at the St Croix Mango Melee Festival

Once you’ve arrived at the Mango Melee Festival there are plenty of ways to enjoy the day. One of the most loved events is the mango eating contest, with competitions open to both children and adults. Another favorite event is the “Mango Dis, Mango Dat” food competition. Chefs around the island compete in creating the most delicious mango-based food and drinks! The festival also provides plenty of information on how to grow mangoes, use mangoes, and even make them a part of your business model! There are a variety of vendors selling mango related products as well as tastings, demonstrations, cultural dance performances, and contests throughout the day.