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How to Celebrate Day of the Seafarer

Happy Day of the Seafarer!

On June 25th, we honor the contributions of seafarers today and throughout history to the world economy, international trade, and the environment. Maritime careers are often demanding, dangerous, and require great

 sacrifice. The International Day of the Seafarer recognizes all who work at sea. Every time you cast off your lines, you become part of this time-honored tradition. We think these are the best ways to celebrate the occasion:

Happy Day of the Seafarer!

1. Sailing, of Course 

We think there is no better way to celebrate the Day of the Seafarer than to venture out onto the open waters of the beautiful US Virgin Islands. With Go Sail VI, you can charter one of our quality sailboats or sail with one of our experienced captains to learn more about this fun sport. Check out all we have to offer here.

2. Engaging on Social Media

The theme for Day of the Seafarer in 2024 is “Making the Maritime Sector a Safer Workplace.” By using the campaign’s hashtag #SafetyTipsAtSea, you can collaborate with other seafarers on social media and learn how they make the sea a safer place to work. You can also share your own safety tips with others.

3. Taking an ASA Course

Whether you have never stepped abord a sailboat or you have been sailing for decades, taking classes are essential to becoming a better seafarer. And since this year’s theme is safety, there is no better time to improve your safety skills through Go Sail VI’s American Sailing Association courses. Browse our course list and start your path to certification!

4. Supporting Other Seafarers

The Day of the Seafarer is the perfect opportunity to take care of our colleagues at sea. There are various maritime organizations that accept donations to support oceanic wildlife, families of the men and women who work for long periods away, or to advocate for better working conditions for seafarers. If you happen to know a naval or Coast Guard officer, this is a great time to thank them for their service. 

5. Enjoying Nautical Stories

If you are unable to go out on the water yourself, the next best thing is to enjoy stories about adventures at sea while you dream of your next voyage. If you have been meaning to pick up a sailor’s memoir or check out a new movie about ocean travel, you can take this day to immerse yourself in maritime stories. You can also read shorter sailing stories here