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6 Most Romantic Dates Ideas in the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands is one of the most romantic spots you can take your special someone! However, these fun date ideas in the Virgin Islands are sure to keep the romance alive each and every day of your trip. Pick one or try out them all! 

website1. Savor a Candlelit Dinner on a Sailboat

Take your sweetie out for a romantic sail and dinner date this Valentine’s Day! If you don’t own your own sailboat, you can charter one from Go Sail Virgin Islands. All Go Sail boats come with luxurious kitchens for you to prepare a delicious and romantic candlelit meal. If you already have your ASA sailboat certifications, charter a bareboat for just the two of you! However, if you and your spouse are both new to sailing, you can book a private, weeklong live-aboard course to extend the romantic outing and become certified sailors in the process!  

2. Kiss Under a Waterfall in the Virgin Islands National Park

The Virgin Islands National Park is a romantic destination in its own right but one of the best date ideas in the Virgin Islands National Park is to visit one of its beautiful waterfalls. You can take the Reef Bay Trail in the park to enjoy a variety of gorgeous waterfalls, as well as other beautiful sights. Standing under a waterfall is much like standing under mistletoe, leaning in for a romantic kiss is basically mandatory!

3. Memorialize the Moment with an Underwater Photoshoot

You’ll need an underwater camera for this date idea in the Virgin Islands! Jump into the warm Caribbean waters to snorkel, swim, or scuba dive with your camera in tow. If you aren’t traveling with a group or a sailboat captain, you might want to also invest in a selfie stick so you can capture those precious underwater moments together. Bonus points for getting ocean wildlife to participate in your pictures!  

4. Commit to Celebrating Every Anniversary on a Different Island

Whether it is your first trip to the Virgin Islands or one of many, commit to coming back year after year to celebrate Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or another special occasion! Additionally, you can keep your romance feeling fresh by exploring a different island each time you visit. Charter a sailboat from Go Sail Virgin Islands to make island hopping around the U.S. and British Virgin Islands a breeze.  

5. Enjoy a Romantic Beach Picnic

Looking for onshore date ideas in the Virgin Islands? Head down to the beach for a romantic beach picnic! Remember to take all the necessities with you like a picnic blanket, umbrella, sunscreen, and delicious food. If you don’t feel like making your own picnic fare, consider picking up delicious Caribbean finger foods from a local restaurant on your way to the beach. You can add a bit of adventure to the occasion by choosing a few foods to try that you’ve never eaten (or maybe even heard of) before.


6.Take A Midnight Dip in the Warm Caribbean Waters

Who can say no to a romantic midnight dip into the warm Caribbean waters! Keep in mind this is made a lot more romantic if you aren’t too close to shore, especially if you want to take a dip in your birthday suit. For ultimate privacy with this Virgin Island date idea, you’ll want to be aboard your own private sailboat