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Sailing Stories 2023: A Year in Review

2023 was a year full of amazing sailing stories for Go Sail Virgin Islands! Take a look back at some of the best moments and take-aways of the sailing year in the Virgin Islands according to our students’ reviews on Google and Tripadvisor:

logoThe Beginning of Many New Sailing Stories 

Go Sail Virgin Islands saw many students begin their sailing stories in 2023! 


“My wife and I had very little experience and had some concerns as we really did not know what to expect. All our concerns were for nothing,” said student Mark. “Our fellow students were like minded people and we all became fast friends. Our instructor, Trevon, was excellent and I highly recommend him.”


Many first-time students shared that one major factor in the decision to continue their sailing story rather than having a one-time, “open and shut” sailing story was the quality of their instructors. 


“[Captain JT] and Go Sail VI aren’t just teaching people to sail, they are cultivating a community of sailors,” said Tom in his Google Review of Go Sail Virgin Islands. “That’s what it’s all about in the end — knowing how to safely enjoy the water and spend quality time with everyone aboard.”

Gaining the Confidence to Bareboat Sail

The Go Sail team of instructors prides themselves in making sure every student feels fully confident with the ASA course material they learn on their week-long live-aboard trip. 


“Captain G is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher. She thoroughly explained concepts and maneuvers, demonstrating them as well, and then gave us the opportunity to practice throughout the week,” student Sara said about her sailing experience. “She was extremely patient and helped to build my confidence behind the helm tremendously.” 


The goal is to make sure each student, regardless of how much experience they start with, has the confidence and knowledge to continue their sailing story without an instructor aboard—  as soon as on their next trip! 


“I left feeling like I could take a catamaran from dock to sea and back without a problem. You get so much out of 6 days straight on the boat and it puts the knowledge you acquire from the books all in perspective,” said student Jon


Another student, Stephanie, proudly shared in her review that they’ve “already booked our next sailing excursion as a skipper!”

Experiencing All-Inclusive Fun

Go Sail’s 2023 sailing trips were about much more than awarding students with ASA certifications. Every trip, captains would do their utmost to make sure every part of the students’ vacation was fun-filled! 


Captain Trevon is the best! Very knowledgeable and patient instructor, photographer, chef, tour guide, bartender, and friend,” said student Jeff.  


While every captain with Go Sail Virgin Islands is a jack-of-all-trades to a certain extent, other captains also have unique interests they love to share with students. 


Student Peter noted that Captain Jalil “is extremely knowledgeable of sailing and also the local history which made us appreciate the Virgin Islands that much more.”

Every 2023 Sailing Adventure Was Unique  

No two sailing trips are ever the same and this was certainly true for the 2023 sailing trips with Go Sail Virgin Islands! Individualized trips to meet the unique interests of each student made for some truly special moments. 


“Go Sail VI also built in time for snorkeling, enjoying coffee on deck in the morning, and visiting shops/restaurants on shore,” said student Rebecca on Tripadvisor.


For many, the unique ocean life seen snorkeling was nearly as exciting as the sailing itself.


“I was able to snorkel every night before dinner. All the fish, turtles, rays, starfish and sea life were so fun,” said this Tripadvisor reviewer about his April trip.    

2023 is Just the Beginning! 

With so many new sailing stories just beginning to blossom in 2023, Go Sail Virgin Islands is excited to follow along as students build onto their sailing stories and become seasoned sailors in the coming years! If you’ve got a story to tell about how your sailing story has taken off since seting sail with Go Sail Virgin Islands, we’d love to hear it.  

One student said that his 2023 sailing trip with Go Sail Virgin Islands was “one of the best experiences of my life” and we are excited to see more experiences like this come out of the 2024 sailing season! Whether you are new to sailing or just ready to up your skills with advanced ASA courses, we’d love to have you aboard. Sign up for your next ASA course in the Virgin Islands here.