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Sail the Virgin Islands With The VI’s Best Sailing School

A great VI sailing school will offer you a wealth of information to decide if they are the best fit for you before you book. Here is what you should expect to see from a great VI sailing school before deciding on whether to set sail with them:

diagram1. Plenty of Top-Notch Ratings

5 star ratings are a must when looking for the VI’s best sailing schools. Read the good and the bad to glean important information. Oftentimes, great reviews can provide insight into what sets a specific VI sailing school apart. Go Sail Virgin Islands has almost exclusively 5 star reviews on both Google and TripAdvisor. You can read all the sailing school’s TripAdvisor reviews here

2. Information on a VI Sailing School’s Captains

A great captain is key to a great sailing experience. Unfortunately, not all VI sailing schools offer quality captains. So how do you know what a VI sailing school captain is like before you sign up for a course? Read up on a Captain’s sailing experience on the sailing school website! You can read about Captain Trevon, Captain JT, and other Go Sail Virgin Islands captains through in-depth “Sailing Story” posts on the Go Sail Virgin Islands website. 

3. Testimonials from the Sailing School’s Previous Students

The Go Sail Virgin Islands “Sailing Stories” are more than just stories from the captains! These sailing stories also come from previous students about their sailing journeys. Additionally, the Go Sail Virgin Islands “Captain’s Logs” provide in-depth information about students’ sailing trips so you can get an idea of what to expect during your own 7 day liveaboard adventure! View all these stories and more here.  

4.A VI Sailing School that Answers All Your Questions

You should never feel like a burden to the VI sailing school you set sail with! Any special requests, questions, or needs you have should be taken seriously and addressed quickly. Go Sail Virgin Islands works to provide answers to commonly asked questions in-depth through “Discovery” posts and on the FAQ page. However, if you can’t find the answers you are looking for on the Discover or FAQ page, reach out directly! The Go Sail Virgin Islands staff will happily respond to any questions you have via email or phone