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What is a Sailing Story?

graphical user interface“Sailing Stories” are a fun way to memorialize your sailing experience forever. These professionally written articles are available for all Go Sail Virgin Islands to participate in and receive. Here’s more about what your sailing story will include, why you should consider signing up to do one, and how to contact us to create yours!     

What’s in a Sailing Story?

A sailing story is uniquely crafted to each individual, however, it contains three main parts. In a Sailing Story, you’ll find information about how someone’s love of sailing was sparked or their first memories out on the water. Next, you’ll learn about their experiences with Go Sail Virgin Islands. Lastly, are the sailors’ future sailing goals and dreams. These stories include quotes, interesting stories, memorable moments, and tons of inspiration!

Why Share Your Sailing Story

Sharing your own sailing story is a great way to get all your jumbled thoughts, feelings, and best sailing memories down on paper. Additionally, it barely takes any work on your end to do so! These stories are written by a professional writer so no matter how jumbled your thoughts start out— they’ll be put into a succinct and beautifully written article you can share with friends and family. These stories will also be shared with other Go Sail Virgin Islands sailors so they can learn more about you and your sailing journey. It’s a great way to learn about others and connect with new friends! 

How to Share Your Sailing Story

If you are interested in sharing your Sailing Story, fill out the Sailing Story Form here. Then, we’ll be in touch at your convenience for a 15 minute interview. During the interview, a professional writer will ask you questions about your sailing experiences, write down quotes for your sailing story, and dive deep into the most interesting parts of your sailing journey! Afterwards, your story will be written into an article form. Additionally, a graphic will be made featuring one of your most memorable quotes from the interview alongside a photo of you sailing (if you choose to send one in). 

Who Is Eligible To Have Their Sailing Story Written?

Any past or current Go Sail Virgin Islands sailor is invited to have their Sailing Story written down! You can choose whether you would like to have individual Sailing Stories created for everyone in your sailing party or whether you would prefer your whole group or family to be featured in one Sailing Story. 

Where Your Sailing Story Will Be Shared

By agreeing to share your Sailing Story, you are agreeing to allow Go Sail Virgin Islands to publish your story publicly on social media and on the Go Sail Virgin Islands website. However, if you would prefer only your first name is shared in your public sailing story or no photos of you are shared alongside your Sailing Story, we can absolutely make that happen