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What is a Captain’s Log?

a close up of a signWhat is a Captain’s Log?

A Captain’s Log, also sometimes referred to as a ship’s log, is a way for captains to keep records about a sailing journey. Captain’s Logs have been used for thousands of years for captains to keep track of their trip’s progress, maintenance issues, coordinates of things found at sea, weather conditions, and more. Here’s the answers to a few common questions about the Go Sail Captain’s Logs:

Why Does Go Sail Virgin Islands Write Captain’s Logs? 

All Go Sail captains write Captain’s Logs as a way to keep records for trips. These logs can help the captains remember to perform certain maintenance tasks when back on land, remind them of great places to swim with ocean life for future trips, and note any difficulties at sea that might need to be addressed by other Go Sail staff members. 

Are the Captain’s Logs Published on the Go Sail Website Written By the Captains?

Not exactly. The raw form of the Captain’s Log written by your captain for your Go Sail Virgin Islands trip isn’t exactly thrilling to read. It includes information about things like how the air conditioner worked, specific wind speeds, and ASA test scores. To create the Captain’s Logs featured on the website, we take out the boring stuff and just focus on the fun elements of a Captain’s Log! This generally includes information about what made the trip special, any exciting ocean life the crew ran into, and tasty dinners eaten ashore and onboard.

Where Can I Read Captain’s Logs for Past Go Sail Trips?

Captain’s Logs are featured on the Go Sail website, here. Reading these stories is a great way to gain insight into how your trip may look. You may also get some ideas to share with your captain from the Captain’s Logs about places you’d like to visit! 

How Do I Get A Captain’s Log Written For My Go Sail Trip?

Go Sail Virgin Islands writes Captain’s Logs throughout the year after sailing trips. However, we can expedite the process of writing Captain’s Logs for clients who sign up to share their Sailing Stories! 

You can learn more about Sailing Stories here. Additionally, you can sign up for a Sailing Story interview by emailing If you would like to receive your custom written Captain’s Log and Sailing Story together, let us know during your Sailing Story interview. We’d be happy to get you both as quickly as possible!