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What To Know Before Sailing in St. Thomas

Let us help you plan the ultimate sailing trip to St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands! Here are a few things you will want to know before sailing in St. Thomas:

Things to See When Sailing in St. Thomas

As you plan out your sailing itinerary, don’t miss a visit to these fabulous spots near and around the island. Keep in mind, these are all locations you can request to visit on a Go Sail Virgin Island sailing course:

Sailing to Little Buck Island

Little Buck Island is one of favorite mooring spots of Go Sail Virgin Island’s captains. This small island isn’t a far sail from the main island of St. Thomas and it’s a great spot for shipwreck snorkeling. Additionally, the entire 45-acre island is a National Wildlife Refuge and a truly spectacular place to observe migratory birds!

Sailing to Magens Bay

Magen’s Bay has one of the most well known beaches in St. Thomas— and for good reason! This beautiful bay is absolutely picturesque: white, sandy beaches, clear, blue waters, and a variety of fun-filled trails. Go Sail Virgin Islands recommends mooring in Magens Bay overnight. This way you can see the sites before it gets busy during the day. Sunset and sunrise are the best times to experience the area. Then, you can set sail before the mid-day crowds take over. 

Sailing to Great Saint James

If you are in search of amazing snorkeling or diving, take the trip just off St. Thomas’ southern coast to Great St. James Island. Christmas Cove is a great spot to finding mooring and begin exploring. In this area you’ll have the opportunity to see everything from sea turtles and starfish to stingrays and exotic fish. 

Ways to Enjoy Sailing in St. Thomas

There are a few different ways to set sail from St. Thomas. Here are a few recommendations for how to rent or charter a boat for sailing in St. Thomas: 

Bareboat Sailing in St. Thomas

Bareboat sailing in St. Thomas is a fabulous sailing option for sailors with at least some sailing experience under their belt. Bareboat sailing means sailing without a captain so you need to feel fairly confident in your own sailing skills before you book. If you are newer to sailing, it’s best to choose another option — such as a catamaran or monohull sailing course before trying out bareboat sailing in St. Thomas. If you are looking for bareboat sailing options in St. Thomas, you can learn more about the sailboat rental options through Go Sail Virgin Islands here

Catamaran Sailing Courses in St. Thomas

Catamaran sailing courses in St. Thomas are the ideal way to become acquainted with the island and sailboating. Go Sail Virgin Islands offers both classic catamaran courses and premium catamaran courses. Both options are weeklong live-aboard courses that come with ASA certifications and a free international proficiency certificate, upon completion of the course. Both courses can be tailored to meet your expectations— with customized itineraries so you can become well acquainted with St. Thomas, as well as other islands, if you’d like. Additionally, the premium catamaran courses are on newer yachts and come with RO water filters. 

Monohull Sailing Courses in St. Thomas

Monohull sailing courses in St. Thomas are a great way to gain sailing experience. While catamarans are known for their speed and ease, monohulls offer extra adventure with an ability to sail through narrow passages and try out new sailing techniques. Monohull sailing courses in St. Thomas are an exciting time for experienced sailors and first comers alike. Learn more about the monohull courses offered through Go Sail Virgin Islands here

FAQs About Sailing in St. Thomas

Still have questions about sailing in St. Thomas? Here are a few answers to questions Go Sail Virgins frequently receives about sailing in St. Thomas: