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5 Unique and Fun Sailing Bucket List Items

a close up of a signSailors tend to be the type of people who are always looking for new adventures. Here are a few fabulous adventures we recommend adding to your sailing bucket list no matter how experienced or new you are to sailing:

Circumnavigate an island

Circumnavigating the world is a great sailing bucket list item— but it’s not exactly practical for most of us! Instead, challenge yourself to a smaller circumnavigation adventure. For example, how about circumnavigating one of the US Virgin Islands? You can learn about one crew’s adventure circumnavigating St. John in this Go Sail “Captain’s Log.” 

Spend A Week At Sea

If you’ve only ever sailed for a day or two— add spending a week (or longer) at sea to your sailing bucket list! One easy way to check this item off the bucket list is to take a week-long liveaboard course with Go Sail Virgin Islands. These courses can also check off another item on your sailing bucket list: becoming an ASA certified sailor!

Compete In A Sailing Race

Add a little competition to your sailing bucket list by competing in a sailing race! One of our top recommendations is the St. Thomas International Regatta. If you aren’t sure how to get involved, volunteering in this race can be a great way to get a lay of the land before entering as a competitor. Once you have a few sailing races under your belt you may want to up the ante by making your new sailing bucket list goal to be winning one of those sailing races! 

Try Freshwater Sailing

If you feel as though you could sail around the Caribbean with your eyes closed, it’s probably time to broaden your sailing horizons. One fun way to do this is with a totally different sailing experience— freshwater sailing! Go Sail Virgin Island’s sister company, Go Sail Flathead Lake, offers top-notch sailing adventures on one of the most beautiful lakes in the continental US. Visit the Go Sail Flathead Lake website to learn more about how you can check freshwater sailing off your sailing bucket list (and maybe a visit to Glacier National Park off your non-sailing bucket list too!).  

Become a Sailing Instructor

If you’ve already completed all the other bucket list items, you are probably in a great spot to be sharing sailing knowledge with others! Becoming an ASA sailing instructor is a fantastic way to turn your hobby into a money maker and you may be surprised that you find teaching more fun than sailing without students! You can learn more about becoming an ASA Instructor here